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Aluminum Bonding Wires

Bonding wires of aluminum and aluminum alloys are used everywhere a low processing temperature is needed. Economics also play a role because there is a saving on precious metals. The wires are mainly processed by the wedge/wedge process.
Heraeus aluminum bonding wires are manufactured from high purity alloy constituents (99.999%). Their chemical composition is homogeneous, their mechanical properties are stable and the wire surfaces are smooth and clean. This explains their excellent bondability.
Aluminium Bonding Wires
Aluminium Bonding Wires
Aluminium Bonding Wires
Aluminum Fine Wires (0.7-4 mil; 18-100 µm)
Only the highest purity materials are used to manufacture Heraeus fine aluminum wires. These products exhibit excellent mechanical stability and are available in both standard (AlSi 1%) and corrosion resistant (AlSi 1% CR) types.
Aluminum Thick Wires (>4 mil; >100 µm)
Our large diameter aluminum wires are an outstanding choice for power packages and discrete devices. Available in both corrosion resistant and standard types, they are bondable at low temperatures and low energy levels.