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Gold Bonding Wires

Heraeus gold bonding wires are manufactured from high-purity starting materials (99,999 %) with doping additions. New applications and their increased requirements led to the development of alloyed gold bonding wires.
All wires are corrosion resistant and display homogeneous chemical composition and stable mechanical properties.
The wire surfaces are very clean and of high quality. Gold bonding wires are principally used in the production of plastic packaged components. The highest processing rates are achieved by using the ball/wedge bonding process.
Gold Bonding Wires
Gold Bonding Wires
Gold Bonding Wires
Ball Bonding Gold Wires
Heraeus offers a wide selection of gold ball bonding wires in a full range of diameters to suit your applications,
from high-power and discrete components to high pin-count, ultra-fine pitch devices.
Wedge Bonding Gold Wires
Our wedge bonding gold wires are optimized for tail and loop consistency and provide excellent bondability
for high-frequency and opto-electronic applications.
Stud Bumping Gold Wires
Heraeus has developed gold wire products specifically for advanced stud bumping of wafers and other materials
used in flip-chip and chip-to-chip applications.