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Bonding Ribbons

Precious and non-precious metal bonding ribbons are used for electrical connections when demensional accuracy, good heat dissipation and a low apparent resistance (impedance) are required with sufficently large connector surfaces. Very pure precursor metals (99,999 %) and special dopants additions form the basis for ribbons of high precision with good processing qualities. The ribbons display a homogeneous chemical composition, stable mechanical properties and clean, smooth surfaces.
Bonding Ribbon
Aluminium Ribbon
Gold Ribbon

Aluminum Bonding Ribbon

The increasing demands for transmitting high currents in electronic power devices have driven the industry to investigate alternative interconnect solutions. Ultimate reliability and high robustness, together with improvements in productivity are always considered to be the main objectives of such technical enhancements.
With its aluminum ribbon types for power applications, Heraeus is providing an evolutionary extension to its well proven thick aluminum wire programme – pushing the strength of thick wire technology beyond present limits.
Heraeus aluminum ribbons for power electronic applications carry high electrical loads, can replace a significant number of wires, are a key to cost and space saving in future electronic housing concepts.
Heraeus decided to transfer the advantages of its enhanced aluminum materials, already successfully used in today’s automotive electronic devices, to aluminum ribbon manufacturing.
Aluminumribbon dimensions and equivalent numbers of wires
µm mil 200 µm
8 mil
250 µm
10 mil
300 µm
12 mil
375 µm
15 mil
500 µm
20 mil
500 x 100 20 x 4 1.6 1.0
750 x 75 30 x 3 1.8 1.1
1000 x 100 40 x 4 3.2 2.0 1.4
1500 x 150 60 x 6 7.2 4.6 3.2 2.0 1.1
1500 x 200 60 x 8 9.5 6.1 4.2 2.7 1.5
2000 x 200 80 x 8 12.7 8.1 5.7 3.6 2.0
2000 x 300 80 x 12 19.1 12.2 8.6 5.4 3.0

Gold, Silver and Platinum Bonding Ribbon

Precious metal bonding ribbons of gold, silver and platinum are used for electrical interconnections in high frequency and microwave devices. Controlled high purity and defined additives provide the basis for ribbons of high precision in dimensional and mechanical characteristics and looping behavior.